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Help identify a Stanley plane, possibly a Type 6

Don Wilwol
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This was an emailed question.

I came across your site and was hoping you could help me identify the Type of Stanley plane I have? Note: it didn't have a lateral adjuster when I purchased it.


Thanks for your help


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Answer. A type 6 stanley would not haver steel nuts holding the knob and tote on. 

Here is a look at some stanley bases  

The tote could be a replacement. 

It might be a Union? Which is still likely a replacement tote. 

What do the nuts/tote screws look like?

Also are the threads the same as stanley?


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Thanks for the feedback. The threads are right hand on all screws and definitely steel (magnetic). I sanded the tote and knob as I'm in the process of refurbishing them. Original color was the same as the other plane in the background. 

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