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Fulton handplane

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I have been given about 20 various planes and shaves. Many are Stanley, some are handmade and most have issues. The one that has me stumped is marked Fulton on the cap. The blade is 1 3/4” wide and stamped “Made in West Germany” The plane  is about 9 1/4” long. The cap is tensioned with a thumbscrew and the adjuster knob has two grooves around the perimeter. It says made in USA on the casting in front of the tote in raised lettering. There are no other markings I can find. The lateral lever is the U shape. These planes have not been touched since the owner passed away in 1974. Some may have come from a school and have been repaired with welds or brazing. The Fulton maybe a mishmash of parts but if not I would like to identify it.

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