Can anyone help ide...
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Can anyone help identify this plane please?

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Hi.  I inherited this plane from my father-in-law, who was no woodworker, but his grandfather was a gentleman hobbyist woodworker (and a church of England cleric).  This plane came with a couple of classic wooden planes (Jack and Coffin shaped smoothing planes).  It seems to be some sort of transitional plane as the body is cast bronze, but there is no adjustment, no cap iron just a screw-down steel wedge and pin arrangement.  The iron is stamped Stanley Rule and Level Co, and is 42.5mm wide (a bit over an inch and 5/8). I haven't managed to find any images of a plane quite like this, nor any trace from a couple of Stanley plane historical sites.  Any ideas please?


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I would guess it is a shop made plane with a Sargent block plane blade